Beauty does not tolerate varnish and compromise

In the early 70s, Serge Lutens created his first-ever make-up line at the age of 30 and became a remarkable rising star in the industry. However, he was determined to be unfettered by the image of femininity that was constructed in the past. He subverted the norms of make-up at the time, by virtue of his gift, his pursuit of beauty, as well as his unvarnished and uncompromising vision of beauty. He was dared to reveal the stunning beauty of women by playing with colors and lighting up the face in striking and bold ways.

A silent yet powerful revolution in make-up

In just a few months, his unconventional make-up became a formidable weapon for French feminists at the time. Buying Serge Lutens make-up and wearing it in his style meant embracing a new way of living, a way of rejecting authoritarianism. It was a silent yet powerful declaration of expressing your true self.

The success had made Serge Lutens dubbed by the media all over the world “the greatest make-up artist in the world”. Yet, he did not become complacent about his achievement, he was hoping to make another breakthrough! In 1980, his ambition led him to cooperate with the Japanese cosmetics giant, Shiseido, which had yet to be known internationally at the time. With his dedication and enthusiasm, Shiseido could eventually shine on world stage.

Back then, Serge Lutens had already forged an indissoluble bond with Japan. Serge Lutens first visited Japan in 1971 for a business trip. He embarked on this journey with great excitement and ended up creating his new kingdom of make-up.

Japan – an inspiration of delicate, comprehensive and absolute creations

During his journey, he met Bando Tamasaburo, a legendary practitioner of Kabuki who specialized in female characters. The absolute white foundation with vivid red lips in Kabuki makeup turned him into the perfect woman. This instinctual way of self-expression motivated Serge Lutens to create his own style persistently in the future.

Serge Lutens was also deeply inspired by the determination and the craftsmanship of the Japanese. He had great respect for their professionalism and thought that the sense of insecurity caused by natural hazards like earthquakes, had made them to be well prepared for the uncertainty, ensuring that everything must be under control and maintained in complete order. Their national character has been developed as “delicate, comprehensive and absolute”.

Since the amazing journey, Japanese culture has always inspired Serge Lutens and lead him to redefine the essence of beauty.

Eventually, every encounter happened in Japan had inspired Serge Lutens to create the ‘Nécessaire de Beauté (BEAUTY ESSENTIALS) make-up collection in the 2000s – it is delicate, comprehensive and absolute, allowing women to be a better version of themselves, unvarnished and uncompromising!